Archive - June 25, 2015

How to be like a Giraffe- and just STAND-UP!!

How to be like a Giraffe- and just STAND-UP!!

I was thinking about the giraffe. How peaceful they are, how tall and beautiful and slender with legs that never end. And they got the eyelash thing down way before mascara or Kim Kardashian and those fake eyelashes existed. What’s so incredible about these creatures other than the fact that their tongue is so long they can clean their ears with it? Or that 2 hours of sleep is as much as they need in 24 hours? You can tell how old they are by the spots on their body and no 2 giraffes have the same pattern? They rarely ever fight and if they do it’s just 2 males wrapping their necks around each other. Imagine if that was all the violence we ever had in this world. Just people wrapping their necks. Crime would plummet, although massage therapy rates would sky rocket. It’s the presence of these creatures……….KEEP READING, IT’S GETTIN GOOD…

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