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50 acts of love in 50 days UPDATE!!!

50 acts of love in 50 days UPDATE!!!

Many people ask ” Hey Rachel- what happened to the 50 acts of Love in 50 days?” Just to be clear- I never gave up the mission. AND- I never said “50 acts of love in 50 days” IN A ROW :)But I have now reached over 50 and thought it was worth posting about!!!  The last few months I have continued to do acts of love each day in dedication to the lives lost in the Orlando shooting. But what I learned about consciously doing acts of love in the moment, is that not every act of love could be filmed. In fact some of the acts of love if I posted them,would have broken a persons anonymity, or the moment would have passed trying to get it on camera. I learned that experiencing the act of love seemed far more important than making sure it was filmed. However in retrospect I have………KEEP READING, IT’S GETTIN GOOD…

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