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Paralyzing information…

spidyTarantulas. This is a species where you might want to be a lady. The females live to be 20-25. The males live barely over 8 years if they are lucky. What does this say about the strength of female….not to mention the females might decide to eat the male after they mate. This might be a great example of why you want to take the female to dinner first, although it rarely happens in the human world anymore. Hey, you can’t blame a woman for needing to be fed. But let’s talk about growing…. the way they grow is to molt. This means that they rid themselves of the body they have and leave it behind. This would put all the plastic surgeons out of work in L.A. I can tell you that.  The crazy thing is that they can replace even missing legs as well as replace the internal organs, stomach lining and even genitals. I wonder if you can rent another spiders body after they are done?  All I know is that when Angelina Jolie Molts, I want to be on the list. Or if I can not get her body I at least get her Italian vineyard. That seems fair. Since she just devoured Brad and will be full for a while. However, what I am about to tell you will make you forget everything else….The worst enemy of the tarantula is the Tarantula Hawk. ( which is not a tarantula or a hawk- it’s a wasp)The female wasp will paralyze the spider by stinging it. She then drags the tarantula to a secure private place and places her egg on the abdomen of the spider then leaves. When the egg hatches, which might take weeks, the baby wasps will eat away at the paralyzed spider avoiding the organs to keep the spider alive as long as possible.  I mean WHAT? I needed a while to digest this. But then I thought about it and realized this might be a strange way of natures balance. Since tarantulas paralyze their prey, vomit digestive enzymes all over it to then suck it up like a fruit smoothie with their fangs- this might be the best example of Karma I can possibly think of. But I still would rather think of molting into the next Angelina Jolie.( If you want to see it with your own eyes and remember we only have 2- here is the link. But beware, it is not for the weak.)



  1. SLOW DOWN you move too fast!!! The SLOTH- It’s scientific name “Bradypus” means”slow feet”. A pretty good name for me lately. After breaking my foot a few months ago, I realized that maybe the universe is telling me to just slow down. (Or stop being clumsy)  This was right after I spent time with one of the slowest creatures on the planet- and I can tell you that one of my favorite animals is the SLOTH!! This animal is so amazing to see in real life AND on camera. Simply MESMERIZING. So cartoonish in person it was made into a cartoon in the movie “Zootopia” portraying hysterically slow creatures taking minutes to finish a sentence. Trust me I have dated some men very similar. As slow as sloths are though, they only sleep 10-13 hours a day. Well, I can do that. However, these creatures are so slow that algae grows on them. Four weeks after………KEEP READING, IT’S GETTIN GOOD…

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