How to be like a Giraffe- and just STAND-UP!!




I was thinking about the giraffe. How peaceful they are, how tall and beautiful and slender with legs that never end. And they got the eyelash thing down way before mascara or Kim Kardashian and those fake eyelashes existed. What’s so incredible about these creatures other than the fact that their tongue is so long they can clean their ears with it? Or that 2 hours of sleep is as much as they need in 24 hours? You can tell how old they are by the spots on their body and no 2 giraffes have the same pattern? They rarely ever fight and if they do it’s just 2 males wrapping their necks around each other. Imagine if that was all the violence we ever had in this world. Just people wrapping their necks. Crime would plummet, although massage therapy rates would sky rocket.
It’s the presence of these creatures. Like they know something we don’t. They give birth standing up and the baby only needs an hour before it is walking right along side the mom.
They do know something we don’t they even have sounds to communicate with each other not audible by the human ear. ( So you KNOW they are talking behind our backs…or above them anyway) I guess I could learn from the “get your butt up and start walking” part….humans need so much time to get to things and to learn how to make these 2 legs of ours work. Then we judge things so much, most of us never get to what we really want because we have decided it’s not worth it. But what if we just did it? Jumped out of that birth canal and just got up and walked. What if we did not spend the time over-thinking, but just got right to life and the thing we have always wanted to try we just got up and did. No excuses, no sleeping in (or for giraffes just no sleep) and no time wasted looking down at the things that we think could stop us.
It might not be a big thing, maybe it is just calling that friend. Maybe it is just walking outside your place for an hour, maybe its wearing something funky for a day, ordering something you NEVER tried at a restaurant, or walking up to someone you do not know and starting a conversation. No thoughts- just do it. Think of the Giraffe and how quickly they are born, they figure out they have legs, then they use them within the hour.
I always wanted to go tubing down a river here in California. I could never seem to find anyone that would go, or I was too lazy to get a group together myself. I decided to be like a giraffe this weekend and stop the excuses and stand up and just do it- I gave myself an hour- about the time it takes for a giraffe to walk after birth. So I went to the website ( 11:15 am) and wrote that I wanted to go into the mountains camping and floating down the river, ( 11:30 am) and instantly there was a group of strangers who were already planning on going, all I had to do was click a button and I was in. Just stand up giraffe, just stand up and do it. Here was my chance….
But I don’t know any of these 26 strangers…what if it is weird, what if one of them killed me, or worse than that snored in my tent and then I actually only DID get only 2 hours of sleep? What if I do not like any of them? What if they don’t like me? These thoughts are the ones that stop people from doing so many things and I bet the giraffe never thought once that he would fall once he made the move move after birth to stand-up.
So Giraffe, I salute you. I am going to take the chance and see if these legs work and just do it. I clicked yes. ( 12:05 pm) Now- in less than it took for a giraffe to get up on his legs after birth, I committed to going camping tomorrow with a bunch of strangers and will be floating down the river with all of them.
While I am in that river looking up at the trees I will be thinking what a great perspective you must have to be so high up, to move with such grace, and to be able to eat 100 pounds of food a day and not gain a pound, with no sleep, long legs that last for days, beautiful lashes and still not a smudge of mascara on your face.
There is a reason we all look up to you.(well, other than than… we have to)
Hopefully if I survive this camping trip, I will look up to myself for just getting up like you do, quickly making the choice, moving up and just DOING IT…standing up, and then staying up.
However, I will still need at least 8 hours of sleep. And if I am lucky, I will be necking with someone on this trip, but in the human world- that’s actually a good thing.

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  • Thank you Rachel! I have always loved and admired giraffes but when I learned several years ago that they function on 2 hours sleep/night I have been telling everyone that “when I grow up I want to be a giraffe”. : ) Your blog has given me even more reason! Love this blog entry—and love watching Wildlife Docs! We record it every week and it’s our treat on Sat or Sun evening.

    • I am so sorry it’s taken me this long to see your comment!!! Thanks for watching wildlife Docs !!!! Yes Giraffes are the best – don’t you feel like most Animal’s are way more evolved than us humans ??? 😉

  • Looks like the river trip was a blast! Great blog! And I imagine you have 26 brand new friends and a wonderful wet experience! Cheers, Marty

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