What I learned about Purpose- from a dog.


Comfort dogs visiting hospice

After yet another pointless shooting in Oregon, everyone’s heart is broken…again. There just seems to be so much senseless violence, and what can make anyone feel better about it all? Words? Anger at the gunman? More division of belief about gun laws? Hate? Swearing we will change and make things different? Yes, I guess all of that will happen. But there will still be people suffering. Mourning. There will still be people who will not recover from the loss and the pain. After this particular shooting I read the papers and noticed that more attention was being placed on sending out help for those affected. Churches came together, counselors were called, but one huge healing force that goes beyond what humans can do- this band of angels that made the news were cleverly disguised as….comfort dogs.  They were sent from all over the country. These beautiful creatures who have no idea their normal boundless affection toward humans is in massive need. Having animals be used in a positive way, to help heal pain at the soul level, gives me hope. Maybe this will help people see that we are the reflection of unconditional love in these dogs and so maybe, somewhere, it can help us find love again in our hearts. Or at least lick the fresh wounds of such profound pain.

There is something unexplainable about the feeling of having a dog to throw your arms around when you are weeping. There is something that gently eases the pain when puppy breath is near your tears. As I am typing this, my small little rescue chihuahua is snoring on my lap and there is no other place I want to be, no other sound I want to hear. I have deep peace. One look into her eyes and I come alive and am reconnected to pure love again. And isn’t that why we are really here? What IS the purpose if not to love and awaken that love in others through connecting. Through touching and kissing of an animal.  No words need to be said for this type of miracle. This is the simple truth of it all. Love. In the form of these angels with fur who so freely give it. I think one of the best stories is about this little muffin who spends her time in rest homes. I would like to do this with my dogs and let them continue to show me the real reason we are all here.

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