How to let go…

This is a short 2 minutes on how the wildlife taught me to let go! So click on this if you want to see how you can get rid of the old and embrace the new !!

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  • On with the new! It’s time to feel lighter, let go of any baggage you may be carring around. Leave it at the curb, be stress free. Always strive for your happiness. Namaste!

  • Great message Rachel. I think I’ll start with my friends list. And for anyone who knows me, knows I have a very hard time letting go of the past. Hugs from Upstate NY

    • I really can understand that. But once you let go of people who no longer show up for you, it leaves room for some pretty amazing relationships you might not have known are out there. And I am talking about friends AND romantic relationships. That is hard because I am a very loyal person, but we come to an age where when you finally get the picture that you give way more than receive in certain relationships, it is time to open up to friends and relationships that put in the effort as you do. Trust me, they are out there waiting for an invite 🙂 Let me know how it goes!!! You are WORTH it!!

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