How to heal a broken heart…

Watch this video. I couldn’t believe it, but when I found out that even trees deal with issues of the heart- I knew there was something to learn.  I always ask my followers to share with me how you LOVE your wildlife- and this was a really good video sent to me by David Sampson. Not only is he an epic world wide guitarist and musician but he loves his wildlife too. He taught me that  a tree can get heart rot- which is a fungal infection causing decay that enters through wounds on the branches- but somehow it is still possible for the tree to bear tons of fruit. David decided to help out the tree he lives next to, and protect the open wounds with some pruning sealer. He does this because he loves the wildlife around him and knows if he protects the tree, it will live longer and provide more oranges.

This made me think about people and how we are still able to lead amazing abundant lives even if our heart has been hurt and can feel like it is rotting. I realized how important it is to protect the wounds that we have by not allowing any fungus (negative people or thoughts) to get in. The pruning sealer is a metaphor for self love- making sure we surround ourselves with good people, the ones that would make sure we are protected and that we seal out the bad that can get in and slowly kill us. But we also must be that pruning sealer for ourselves. We must protect ourselves from depressing news, conflict, distraction, and make sure we don’t let anything into our lives that does not feed us on all levels ….because all that crap is a fungus that we need to seal off so that we can bear the most fruit possible. As spring is approaching – I am thinking -what and who am I allowing right now in to my life  ? What do you I want more of ? What qualities or people or thoughts do I want to officially seal off from my life for good ?  Can I do some soul prune sealing ? I challenge you to pick one thing you no longer will have in your life and decide that today. Seal it out. Now pick one thing you want more of and simply state that intention- knowing the fruit will come from this statement you are making. 
Thank you David for Loving your wildlife because when you do- it loves you back. Email me and share how you love YOUR wildlife at

I would love to share your story !!

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