1. SLOW DOWN you move too fast!!!

The SLOTH- It’s scientific name “Bradypus” means”slow feet”.babysloth.jpgfoot.jpg A pretty good name for me lately. After breaking my foot a few months ago, I realized that maybe the universe is telling me to just slow down. (Or stop being clumsy)  This was right after I spent time with one of the slowest creatures on the planet- and I can tell you that one of my favorite animals is the SLOTH!! This animal is so amazing to see in real life AND on camera. Simply MESMERIZING. So cartoonish in person it was made into a cartoon in the movie “Zootopia” portraying hysterically slow creatures taking minutes to finish a sentence. Trust me I have dated some men very similar. As slow as sloths are though, they only sleep 10-13 hours a day. Well, I can do that. However, these creatures are so slow that algae grows on them. Four weeks after I broke my foot I can tell you a forrest was growing under my cast. So I can do that too. But how about this… they live, mate and even have babies all UP in the trees, and only come down to the ground to use the bathroom- ONCE A WEEK- and that is their most vulnerable moment!  I would invest in some really good toilet paper since any “movement” might be your last and saying ” I really gotta go” has a whole new meaning.

The females are pregnant for 10 months and only ever give birth to ONE baby (THAT might help out planet with overpopulation if we humans followed suit)  which is why it was really exciting for us last month when one of our sloths gave birth to a beautiful little male sloth named Kodiak. Apparently they cling to their mother for a few weeks right after birth, if you have ever been hugged by a sloth you would understand what it feels like to never want to let go. So I get that. But did you know that when the females are ready to mate they  give out a blood curdling scream that can reach a distance of over 6 football fields!  This might explain why they only end up having one baby. That probably isn’t the BEST way to get a boy interested, although I have been tempted to try it. Not to mention how long it would take for the male to actually respond to the call and make a move. Either way- I have really learned to slow down and take in life more like the sloths do. Minus the once a week bathroom break. If you ever get the chance, you MUST hold a sloth in this lifetime. It’s enough to make you scream out loud 6 football fields amount of joy. However my scream has yet to get that mate.14711526_877348509031438_3238422299289527813_o.jpg

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