Hi!  My name is Rachel Reenstra and I created this site to share my “wild life” with you. I am a host and comedian http://www.rachelreenstra.com I host a tv show on ABC called “The Wildlife Docs” every weekend, but this is not to promote my career or the TV show – it is really about the things I am learning from these amazing animals I work with all the time, and how you might be able to apply the lessons I get from them, and hopefully see how much we are all connected- and living this wild life together. I truly believe in manifesting your dreams, and this is a dream come true for me to entertain and share the inspiration of animals and travel….and well, doing it all while trying to get by in Hollywood. If you want to know how I manifested this whole thing……I included a 20/20 piece I was featured in that might give you some ideas….I consider myself  lucky. That’s the secret.   Let’s all create a WILDLIFE together.



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