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Knowing how to Kiss….

Knowing how to Kiss….

Knowing how to kiss is highly important. Although I never trust a man who says “I am a great kisser”. I promise that anyone who engages in proud advertising will be the worst kisser. People who are really good at what they do do not need to sell it. It’s about connection. Animal’s get that. It’s an expression of love. And don’t get me started with a man who won’t get his face near a dog. That might be more of a turn off than a bad kisser. The dogs tongue is cleaner than a humans and if a man is disgusted by it, warning- he may be way too anal. Don’t get me wrong- I have made some HUGE mistakes by kissing one of my dogs so much he finally bit my face. Really bad. I still have a scar from that. Poor thing was just an old diabetic,………KEEP READING, IT’S GETTIN GOOD…

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